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Shaking & acting scared

by Tracy

Our JR is almost 8 years old. He is the typical JR. Play, play, play, food and more play. Yesterday while playing with one of his toys, he yelped. Since then he has been shaking and acting scared. Occasionally there is a spark of his old self but then he's right back to shaking & acting scared. We carefully felt him over for injuries, checked his teeth & his nails. There is no injury and while he gets annoyed with the checking, there appears to be no location of pain. I'm stumped as we just had him at the vets last week and they were extremely impressed with how healthy he was at his age. He had both rabies & distemper shots that visit. Heartworm test came back good although they said he might have a tapeworm but couldn't be sure said feces was even his but to be safe we started the meds for them. As his human I am not happy that something is obviously going on with him but I can't figure it out. He's also not eating like he normally does. Any ideas?

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Apr 13, 2015
Jack Russell shaking
by: Brett

It's always so hard to see our little ones go through something like this. Poor pup. You did the right thing by getting him checked out right away. I'm wondering if he has some temporary pain and that scared him. If the shaking doesn't get better, maybe try resting him up for a few days to see if things improve (as maybe he pulled a muscle or something). And sometimes dogs hold onto temporary fears which turn into anxiety, so he may need to be coaxed into getting back into regular routines (maybe try with treats to help him associate playing with good things). See if that helps. Hope

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