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Shaky Henry

by Billie

Our 12 year old Henry has been having difficulty walking lately. He seems to have lost his appetite and I think he has tape worms.

Help what should we do, what medication should we use?

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Oct 19, 2011
Help for your Jack
by: sharon larson

For any intestinal problems I give my dog teaspoon of diatomaceous earth and it will flush parasites out. Must be FOOD GRADE only which is given to farm animals and for people which contains mostly silica which everyone needs for strong bones and tendons.

Oct 14, 2011
Sick Jack Russell
by: Harry

Usually loss of appetite is the first sign that your dog has some kind of illness. And when your dog is not his normal self that could be another indication of something wrong. Based on the symptoms you listed it could be a lot of things. I would definitely take Henry into the vet asap! Hope everything is ok and keep us posted as to what the Dr. says.

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