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She sleeps 18 to 20 hours every day.

by Jigsaw's Dad

My JRT is fifteen years old and in good physical condition. She eats well, has a healthy weight, has maintained all her excellent training, loves her walks and is as good natured as anyone could hope for.

The problem is that when she's at home, she sleeps in her bed all the time. I'd estimate she sleeps close to twenty hour a day. Part of that is eyes-opened "daydreaming", but mostly its real sleep. I'm home most of the day, and try to engage her in activities, but she loses interest quickly and inevitably makes her way back to bed. I've started taking her on walks or runs, which she loves, around six times per day, for a total of about three hours per day, to get her as much activity as possible, since when she's out she is certainly active: runs around, plays with people and other dogs (we live in the city but near lots of parks), etc.

Is it okay for her to be in bed sleeping for 18-20 hours per day, or should I be concerned?

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Sep 23, 2012
Jack Russell sleeping
by: Paula

We are going through the same with our Jack Russell and our vet said that it is the normal part of the aging process. As long as your Jack is healthy and happy I wouldn't worry about it. If she starts to protest the walks you can consider cutting down on them or doing training exercises (sit, stay, down) for mental exercise/bonding. If you don't give her supplements you could look into some senior dog vitamins to help with any arthritis. Keep doing what you are doing by exercise and love, and when she is sleeping,let sleeping dogs lie

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