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by john schell
(chester ny orange county)

Is their anything i can do to reduce the shedding of my short hair fine coat JR Ive tried brushing with all types of brushes even the furminator on a daily bases. I have her on a raw diet mixed with grain free hard food I give her Hokumix ang omega 3 salmon oil. I bath her once every few months. The hair continusley falls out every day. Help please

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Jan 07, 2012
Smooth Hair Coats
by: Robbin's Rescued Russells


The Jack Russell Terrier comes in three types of hair coats. The Smooth Coat, Broken Coat, and Rough coat. All three hair coats shed. The Rough Coat sheds the least, then the Broken Coat, and the Smooth Coat sheds the most. Jack Russells like to stay clean. This is not to say that they don't enjoy getting filthy. You shouldn't need to bath a Jack Russell more than maybe once every six months. Sadly I don't know of anything that will make them shed less. Brushing will and to the shine on their coat, and loosen the hair, which is a good thing. I look at it like this, "No outfit is complete without dog hair".

Robbin Grabowski
California, USA

Jan 06, 2012
Hair, hair, everywhere hair!
by: Dr. Bill

I was told once that Jack Russells only shed once a year...for 365 days! Rod-Taang (Thai for "The Tank") sheds constantly so the house in continually being swept. We tried the same as you but everything I've read (vet also) says he's normal and in fine condition.
Maybe you can save the hair and make a sweater?

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