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Short legged long bodied jack Russell

by Lorraine Atkinson

I have a 2 year old jack, about 8 weeks ago he started lifting his right rear leg and stated showing signs of lameness, we took him to the vets for X-rays on his legs and hips which came back perfectly fine. The vet advised us to put jack on a diet as he's slightly over weight and if was no better to take him back for another visit. He's lost weight and is still no better, he can no longer jump and sits on his right hip with his legs to the side, he also now walks side to side, he doesn't seem to be in pain although I have heard him yelp if our other dog runs up to him in the garden. His appetite is fine its just upsetting to see a once very active jr turn into a old dog so quick. Has anyone else experience these symptoms with there dog? If so could you please let me know what it is as I'm very concerned about jack.

Ps will be booking him in for a visit very soon.

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Sep 21, 2012
Back legs
by: Jennifer

Our Jack had an intervertebral disc that had slipped and ruptured up into the spinal canal. This causes inflammation of the spinal cord, which in severe cases causes paralyses of the rear legs. Jack russels are a breed where this is seen. But it could also be due to arthritis - but your Jack seems to young for that.

Please let us know what your vet says!

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