The Origins of Shorty Jack Russell Terriers

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The history of Shorty Jack Russell Terriers begins just after WorldWar II, in a period where people started to move away from needingdogs for working purposes. Instead, dogs were increasingly being keptas pets and this was more than true when it came to the Jack RussellTerrier. Instead of chasing foxes down holes and hunting various otherquarry, the Jack Russell Terrier was now more likely to be seen curledup on a sofa or on a bed in the kitchen.

As the clamor for dogs as pets increased, people increasingly wantedsomething that was different; a dog that barely anyone else owned.This led to various dog owners experimenting with cross breeding.Although cross breeding had gone on for centuries, it had previouslybeen used to create dogs that were bred for practical purposes – thecross breeding that occurred after World War II was simply done tocreate more unique varieties of dogs.

This cross breeding led to the Jack Russell Terrier being bred with anumber of other dog breeds, such as the Chihuahua and the Welsh Corgi.Through this cross breeding Shorty JRTs were createdand they immediately became a species of dog that was easilydistinguishable, looking like a Jack Russell but with short legs.

Although a number of different breeds have been bred with the JackRussell Terrier over the years, the Shorty JRT iswithout doubt the most popular – mainly due to its stubby legs thatmake it look unique from other dogs!

The Characteristics of Short JRTS

When it comes to the characteristics of Shorty JRTs,you simply have to look at the regular Jack Russell Terrier to seewhat it is like. This is because, although the legs have beenshortened, Shorty JRTs still display the same typesof characteristics that the regular Jack Russell Terriers do. What arethese characteristics though?

Shorty JRTs are descended from dogs bred to hunt, sothey are confident, bold and fearless. This means that they regularlyget into trouble and also need an assertive hand to keep them undercontrol. A poorly trained Jack Russell can cause havoc in the home, soit is imperative that people train their Shorty JRTsto be obedient and especially to obey the recall command. There are anumber of places online that give advice and hints regarding the bestways to train Shorty JRTs.

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