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Should I be worried?

by Marlene
(Roscoe, NY, USA)

My 14 year old Jack Russell seems to be failing. She is very listless and sleeps more than ususal. She sits and stares at the wall for long periods of time. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Sep 16, 2013
onset of dementia
by: Anonymous

Sorry to learn of your Jacks change at 14 she could well be showing signs of doggy dementia there are drugs to help ease her dilemma & make her feel so much happpier, my Jack at 15 got really bad before I realised what was happening we had him put to sleep last july aged 16 he was my life I still miss him dearly.

Jun 16, 2013
15 Year Old Jack Russell Less Active Now
by: Evarie

My little girl's name is Daisy. She used to be super active as a typical Jack Russell Terrier. Nowadays, in her older years at 15, she barely even wants to take walks outside. I have to carry her up and down the stairs since I live on the third floor (which I don't mind because I think she may be developing arthritis). The vet says she is very healthy for her age. Her apatite is as big as it ever was, but she is not as social/playful as she was in her younger years.

Apr 08, 2013
Jack Russell stares at walls
by: Barbara

Hi there,
It does sound very familiar unfortunately. Our Jack who was 15 was very similar - he died about 2 years ago. He had canine dementia. Many dogs get this as they get older. Our Jack would stare at the walls, walk around in one big circle for hours (our main areas connect) and sometimes not see the pool when outside and fall in. It was heartbreaking. He had lost a bit of eyesight and hearing and slept for a lot of the day. There is really not much you can do except make sure they are comfortable, try to keep them somewhat active and give them anti oxidants like fish oil to help with arthritis. However, I would double check with your vet just to make those symptoms are not related to something else.
Hope everything is ok with your pup, I know how hard it is to see them like this.

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