sleeping habbits

by Sheila

Hi, I recently got a female jack russel from the pound. They said she was about 3 months old & healthy, however when we brought her home we noticed she was sick, so we took her to the vet, & she was given anti-biotics for "kennel cough", not sure if that's a generic term or a specific type of sickness, but anyway, her symptoms have improved, & when she's awake, she's pretty energetic, but when she sleeps, she sleeps so deep & seems lethargic. I've never known of a dog to be such a deep sleeper. Is that normal for jack Russells because they where themselves out during the day, or might she still have something wrong?

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Mar 02, 2016
Sleeping habits NEW
by: Pauline Twms mum

I have 4 jacks 4yrs 2@3yrs 1 18 months
They all wake up bursting with energy for an hour then have a quick nap then play then nap this goes on all seems as pups sleep around 18_20hours a day as they need their energy for is such a good way of becoming they're best friend.
Good luck you will find such unconditional love and fun from your pup and never a dull moment x

Jun 25, 2015
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