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sleeping habits of the jrt

by sharron

We have a jrt approximately 13 months old. We got her from a shelter and she is a terrific dog. However, if we do not put her in her kennel at night she gets up every two hours to urinate. If we do put her in the kennel, she stays all night with no problems. We would like to let her stay out of the kennel at nite, any suggestions?

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Feb 27, 2011
by: Jen

My JRT is crate trained and most doggies who have been crate trained love their little fortresses of solitude. They actually love it and feel more secure in it. When I say, "You wanna go night night?" Our little guy darts up the steps and jumps in bed(his crate) and goes to sleep. However..the reason she does not pee in her crate is because its HER HOUSE and dogs will not soil what they believe to be their dens. I would begin by gating your JRT into the kitchen and if your kitchen is big you may want to section it off to give her a smaller space. Once she sees it as her den, she'll stop urinating there and ONLY THEN do you open up a little more space for her. This is a slow process but it works. Once she learns the kitchen is the pack den...slowly open up another room sectioning it off. This is hoow weve sucessfully housebroken every dog and believe me it makes for a happier pet as well as pet owner. :)

Feb 24, 2011
JRT Sleep Habits
by: Gary

Hi Sharon, I'm also in Florida and believe I can offer a couple of tips. One is that JRT's are smart and are quite capable of coming up with excuses to go "outside". Your dog's bladder is fully developed and there's no reason why she should need to go out every two hours to relieve herself unless she is drinking an excessive amount of water on the days that you leave her out of her kennel. Another reason she might be doing it is simply for the attention. You didn't mention where she sleeps on the nights that you leave her out but if she isn't sleeping in your bed, let least until she stops wanting to go outside every two hours. Jacks love to sleep with there masters and usually prefer laying on top of the covers at their masters feet. I get up at 4:30AM to go to work and my 1 year old JR sleeps all night even if we go to bed as early as 9:00PM. Granted, I take him out after I get dressed but he gets back in the bed with my wife until she gets up. Anyway, hope this helps. Let me know how you make out or post again if you need additional suggestions.

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