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Hi, does anyone have any idea's, in general my 14 weeks old JR is doing really well :) But my husband works shifts and is on nights again.

We have put a flap in the door so he can get acess to the outside at all times.

I take him out in the garden and play with him before I go to work and my husband comes straight to bed so he thinks he not in the house. As last time round he out for a while etc before he came to bed and he was like is his now then but we had only add him 3 weeks at this stage and thought it would change this time round.

But he must know he is in the house? as he is crying the house down and getting him up.

We know they have to get used to different situations so we thought it may improve this time around from last month but it seems not?

Any idea's or comments would be appreciated.



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Sep 17, 2011
JRT is crying
by: Anonymous

I had a little difficulty understanding your post, but if I'm interpreting it correctly, your JRT is now recognizing when your husband is home and is crying as a result? Can you have your husband greet him when he gets home from his night shift? What about closing the latch to the doggy door so he doesn't have free reign of the outdoors...that will make him more cognizant of what is going on inside the home..

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