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Sleepy Teeth Chatter (spasm? seizure?)

by Chris
(Orange Co. NY)

Walker is almost 10....The runt of the litter and best dog I've ever had. High flying Frisbee catching, fetch ect. Is amazingly quiet, has always been..unless the UPS or mail man is coming. 15Lbs...looks trim and healthy. This summer I've finally noticed signs him slowing down...but not when it comes to chasing frisbee's....seems he just conserves energy better now :-)

4 weeks ago he vomited several times...whitish mucus, slightly foamy. It was right after July 4th and a few swims in a private lake in PA. since then my girlfriend has had an ear infection and needed treatment. I even had a few days of irritation in one ear. Then I noticed Walker shaking his head a bit and scratching his ear all within 4 days of coming home from the lake. I've been putting flea and tick ear drops in and have kept them clean.

It was the most I've ever seen him vomit, all food came up. I kept giving him water and keeping an eye on him and by the next day he was spunky again. But since his breath has gotten horrible and he constantly swallows with a seemingly dry mouth when he lays down his teeth chatter together like a snare drum. Every time his teeth hit 4 times ULTRA FAST. I've found things on the net that say it's a seizure...anybody have an idea.

He went to the vet 3 days and all tests have come back negative. so no parasite right? Could he have an abscess that I'm not seeing in his mouth? or something even harder to detect in his digestive tract?


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Feb 19, 2014
Jack Russell vomiting mucus
by: Robert

So sorry to hear your Jack isn't completely himself. Walker sounds like he's quite the "man's best friend".

Persistent vomiting can indicate some kind of obstruction. Vomiting mucus and phlegm (the stringy part) can be a sign of inflammation of the intestines or stomach. That can indicate a possible blockage (he swallowed something like foil, a ball, etc. that the wet food can get past but not the kibble). It could also be because of a tooth infection.

The teeth chattering could be because of a nerve that controls the inner ear and the spinal nerve. Or because of a tooth infection.

Maybe have the vet check his mouth for any build up or teeth issues. And see about if he could have swallowed something.

I'm hoping you get this solved quickly! I'd be curious to know what the vet says. Let us know and here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

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