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Sneezing and backward coughing for 2 years

by jill robertson
(asheville nc)

Our jack is 14 years old and developed a backward cough with sneezing with large amounts of sticky mucous from nasal discharge 2 years ago. We had a nose probe test and tried numerous medications. Nothing has changed. Benadryl at night helps but now she seems really tired and has lost a lot of energy.

Are these symptoms indicative of any condition that would be easily treatable?

We are feeding her chicken and rice twice a day plus a vitamin tablet.

We love her and want to help. We just don't know what is causing this?

The coughing and congestion seems to be taking its toll on her.

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Aug 14, 2011
Sneezing Jack
by: Anonymous

Talk to your Vet. Could be allergies. Have you examined your house for potential allergens like mold, pollen, etc. You could get allergy testing done to see if there is anything causing it.

Keep us posted!

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