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Sneezing and backward coughing for 2 years

by jill robertson
(asheville nc)

Our jack is 14 years old and developed a backward cough with sneezing with large amounts of sticky mucous from nasal discharge 2 years ago. We had a nose probe test and tried numerous medications. Nothing has changed. Benadryl at night helps but now she seems really tired and has lost a lot of energy.

Are these symptoms indicative of any condition that would be easily treatable?

We are feeding her chicken and rice twice a day plus a vitamin tablet.

We love her and want to help. We just don't know what is causing this?

The coughing and congestion seems to be taking its toll on her.

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Oct 19, 2014
Same problem nearly 3 years
by: Anonymous

Don't waste your money on Vets. They will do a rhinoscopy $1800.00, CAT scan $800.00, X-rays $700.00. They will tell you that it is teeth and the dog needs a dental $800.00 which will give you clean teeth but won't stop the reverse sneezing or the snotty nose. If you get a vet who is considerate of your budget you will get multiple meds over 3 years. Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, inhalers, prednisone and nothing will change. NOTHING!! Then you might find a vet who has seen the exact same issue with another JRT and done all the tests and they were inconclusive. This vet will be truthful and tell you that you can spend all that money and most likely the results will be inconclusive. (Thank you honest Vet). So you can spend years and thousands of dollars and still have the issue. My suggestion, buy saline drops at a dollar store and tissues by the bulk. Put a soft stream in each nostril every time your JRT goes outside and at least 4 - 5 additional times daily. This will not fix the problem. It will help your dog to sneeze out the snot which relieves some of the reverse sneezing. Your JRT will not be nearly as uncomfortable as it seems. You will live in a snot filled life for the rest of your JRT's life. You will spend many sleepless nights trying to help your dog to breathe comfortably. Or like the "inconclusive" JRT - well they didn't want to deal with snot so they put the dog down. I am truly sorry you have this issue but if you love your JRT you will have to deal with it for the rest of their life.

Jun 13, 2011
Jack Russell sneezing and coughing
by: Anonymous

Hi Jill,
It sounds like you a wonderful JRT owner and are upset that he appears to be so uncomfortable with his coughing and sneezing. The best advice I can give you is, if you can afford it, seek out the best veterinarian possible. I see that you are from North Carolina. You make want to check out this new veterinary teaching hospital:

at the North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

- The Jack Russell Team

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