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snipping at delivery people

by Beth
(South Carolina)

Anytime a stranger comes around me, my JRT will snip at them. I say snip because he's never opened wide and chomped down on anyone, he snips the with his front teeth, like pinching. When we have a delivery, everything is o.k. until I walk up/open the door. I've observed him from inside the house and he barks at the delivery person but is not aggressive. If I open the door, he wants to attack. Louie is 10 years old. We have an underground elec. fence and he has a doggie door, so he comes in and out as he pleases. He has never tried to bite me (he knows better!), but he'll growl at my husband if Louie doesn't like how close hubby is getting. But, he does not get away with it. Hubby makes him get down and he is not allowed by me just because he wants to sit by me.

He also has a trainer collar that we use to walk...he knows the difference between the yard collar and the trainer collar. When the trainer collar goes on, he knows he can leave the yard.

What can I do to keep him from biting? Thanks

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Feb 21, 2014
Jack Russell snipping at delivery people
by: Oliver

It sounds like your Jack is becoming a bit territorial. This is a good time for you and your husband to work on commands. Make sure you practice everyday and make sure you are using preferred treats. That way when delivery men come you can have your Jack "sit" and "stay" without having to worry.

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