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Sophie Maria the sweetest JRT cross ever

by Charlene Nolan
(Victoria Falla, Zimbabwe)

I got Sophie at a wee 3 weeks old, she's a JRT cross Lab, the people who had her didn't want her an were planning on drowning her. I got wind of what was going to happening an l went in to save this amazing little friend.
I hadn't planned on falling in love but after just a few minutes l was hooked. We became the best of friends, she's distroyed shoes, chairs, clothing, cell phones, tv remotes and anything else she could get her little jaws around. It took loads of time, understanding and patience but we seem to have come to an understanding of the minds an she has since stopped distroying stuff, thank god. Im convinced these billy goat cross in her somewhere cause she loves climbing, trees, walls, fences etc but she's my best friend and l wouldn't have her any other way.
I fell in love with her gentle nature, energy, and those loving big brown eyes that make me feel like lm on top of the world all the time. Sophie has touched my life like no other and because of it l now have two other JRT crosses who l love just as much an they have brought love humour and excitement into my life

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Jul 15, 2012
by: Charlene

Thank you, wet kisses at 3 in the morning, lm used as a pillow most nights an wet nose up against me in the wee hours telling me its time to get up. She has shown me another way at looking at life and excepting the things l can't change and enjoying the little things l can. Funny how just one little puppy like this can change one's thinking and way of life ;)

Jul 08, 2012
JRT cross
by: Brenda

What, what a beautiful girl! I've never seen a mix like that before, but I can definitely see the Jack and the lab in her, makes for a great combo.
Thank you for rescuing her and giving her such love and patience, despite your destroyed property :-) I'm sure you have been rewarded by wet kisses and unbelievable loyalty from her and then some!

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