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Squealy noise and smell and destruction

by Gail Ziff
(West Hartford, CT)

I have a 10 month old JRT who is a joy. She makes a funny squealy noise sometimes. Is that a JRT thing because I've never heard any other breed make that noise. Also, when we first got her she had a funny smell. I changed dog food a few times and she still smelled but when I switched her to "people" food and yogurt the smell has lessened. And when do they stop becoming destructive, if ever? Please email me because I don't understand these web pages and will probably never find it again. Thanks.

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Jun 28, 2011
Jack Russell destructive
by: Anonymous

Hi Gail,
Sounds like you have an active little guy! As long as the squealy noise is not to indicate pain, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm glad that you are feeding your dog a raw foods diet, it can be a lot healthier then many of the dog food products on the market. As for him being destructive, you need to make sure he is getting plenty of consistent exercise, that he has fun chew toys to keep him busy, and lots of training and learning of commands. Definitely sign up for our free ebook and ecourse on the left hand side of the page to get you started. It's pretty easy to access and you don't need advance computer skills to get to it, I promise!

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