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Squirting dogs in the face

by Donna
(Tuolumne Ca)

In puppy class we were taught to squirt water in the face of a dog to get them to stop an unwanted habit. It works on our one year old terrier mix Pepper. When she gets to rough with Sonny our (4 month old jack) or starts to bark and won't stop. Pepper was barking away and I sprayed and Sonny decided to join her so I squirted him in the face, he looked (with disdain) at me and barked again this went on a couple more times. He finally walked away to the far side of the room and laid down. Do Jacks hold grudges and is there a better way to stop unwanted barking?

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Oct 25, 2010
Stopping Jack Russell barking
by: Tom

Hi Donna,

The old water squirting trick should be a last resort for stopping problem behaviors. There are much more proactive ways of training your dog out of problem barking. Keep in mind that barking is totally natural for a JRT and is part and parcel of the breed. That said, you can control the behavior to a reasonable extent. Take a look at this page:

Stop Dogs Barking

I also provide some effective strategies for dealing with JRT barking in my training ebook.

Hopefully this helps,


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