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Stop nipping at strangers

by Emelyne
(Rome, Italy)

My 6 months old JRT is randomly nipping at strangers, any advice on how to stop this potentially dangerous behavior? A bit of background - we only got him a month ago and quickly realized that he hadn't been socialized properly. This seems to be fear aggression, and I have tried to deal with it by reassuring him each time I saw signs of him feeling scared and rewarding when he didn't jump or bark. This seems to have resulted in him stopping to bark at strangers, but now he will just jump at people passing by without any prior signs (that I can see at least!) and try to bite/nip them. A difficulty is also that this is very random - he could target anyone, male or female, young or old, etc. Thanks in advance for your advice on the best technique to eradicate this very quickly!

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Jan 06, 2015
Jack nipping at strangers
by: Erin

It's hard with a puppy who hasn't had the proper socialization. But luckily he is still a puppy and quite young. Taking an obedience class can be a great bonding experience for dogs and their owners. And it's a great way to socialize dogs with other people and dogs in a supervised environment. Then when you are walking him on the street you can practice your commands and will mostly likely cut back on a lot of the nipping.

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