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Strange Eating Behavior

by Richard

Our 9 year old Parson Russell will stare at my wife or me to get recognition he is now eating. He will stand over his food or in close proxcimity for up to 1/2 hour waiting for one of us to stare at his food. If we are in the bedroom or office or around the corner in the kitch, He will also bark or woof at us to get our attention. If we approach and encourage him, he may urinate in a backward walk and growl. Then forward walk and approach his food to eat. He will frequently look up at us and stare us right in the eye, 2-10 times during his eating ritual.. He eats 2x a day. Please help and tell us what is going throught his mind and how do we modify behavior?

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May 28, 2012
by: James

Sounds like he is trying to tell you that he is the alpha in the relationship/pack leader. It might help to work on obedience training or enroll in a class to work on that so that your dog views you as the pack leader.
For the eating, you may want to incorporate some obedience stuff in there. Remember, he has to work for his food, it's not just given to him. So when you prepare his bowl you can put him in a "sit" or "down". This establishes you as the leader and you are in control not him. Another family member can help out if need be, by putting him in a leash and collar and staying there with you. Stand at a distance that the dog is comfortable with and you can throw in a few high value treats so that the dog associates you with good things- the food can also be thrown near the bowl if you aim is not that great. Then you can gradually decrease the distance. Putting down an empty bowl forces him to look to you for the food. You can also give him just half of his meal so that when he is finished he has to look up for you to give him the rest.
See if that helps!

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