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Stressed out owner

(Devon, England)

Our female short legged spayed JR is 15 months old. Has been difficult to find dry food that she will eat. Vet says that at 7kg she is overweight and we must be very firm (we don't spoil her or feed her titbits) and only give her 40g dried food twice a day and nothing else. What should an ideal weight for her be? Am getting quite stressed out over what to do for her for the best. Was feeding her home cooked rice and chicken, with little grated carrot or grated apple, or cooked veg, about 1/2 cup twice daily which she finished but vet says this had no nutrition in it for her and not to do that. I am getting so confused. Advice welcome please.

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May 23, 2015
by: pam

Hi, we have a jack with food allergies and I have to make his food.We use fish and potatoes,just because of the allergies,but we add Hilory's blend.It's a powder you get from the Vet that makes sure they get all the vitamins etc they need if you make their food.It's about $33 and lasts at least a month.

Hope that helps

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