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Sudden Change in Mink

I have a two year old female spayed Jack. I also have her sister who is 6yrs old. We rescued a Sheltie about 3 months ago and all dogs in our house get along great. That is not the issue here.

Two days ago I noticed the 2yr old did not want to get up and play and eat with the other dogs. She growled if the little sheltie came near her. I figured she did not feel good and she kept trembling with her ears pinned to her head. She is eatting fine now, but she continues to go thru these episodes where she snarls and growls at ANY dog that comes near her and trembles. She has slept against me every night since she was brought home at 7 weeks. The last two nights she tries to get over to lay next to my husband and WILL NOT come to lay with me. She just looks at me and trembles.

It is so sad to see and I do not know what is wrong. Nothing has happened at our house or changed in any way. I have thought over everything and I also cannot find any place where she is guarded for pain. Very confusing. She is my best little buddy so I simply must figure this out.

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Sep 30, 2012
Sudden change in dog
by: Barbara

It's hard to get inside a dog's head and figure out what's going on :-) Sometimes a traumatic event happens that we don't realize it's traumatic for the dog. With our dog we eventually figured out it was a thunderstorm that triggered similar behavior to what is happening with your dog. It's so hard to watch them go through such a dramatic change, isn't it? We took our pup to the vet and he recommended a valium (apparently it's not just for people!) due to anxiety. It's really helped our Jack and then we slowly weaned her off. I would check with your vet and see what he/she suggests. It's better to do it earlier on then later so that this new pattern of behavior doesn't become a set thing! Let us know how things go!

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