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Sue the NY Grandma

by Sue D.
(Neversink, NY)

I have an 11 mo old Jack Russell mix female who has managed to destroy and shred every toy I've given her plus the bedding on my bed. House breaking is still a work in progress tho my patience is wearing thin. She is smart and loving otherwise but am running out of ideas for keeping her busy. She is a rescue dog from Tenn. abut I think she rescued me! Any hints for me to keep her stimulated" Am Physically disabled and have mobility problems so I can't keep up with her. Thanks!

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Feb 21, 2011
by: Jen

I have a 2yr old Jack Russell named Dirty Harry Callahan and don't you know he most definitly lives up to his name! Jacks require a lot of exercise and stimulation and they LOVE to be trained so they can please you. If you have mobility problems I have a couple ideas for you. 1st, spend time training him and have a favorite treat waiting. My guy loves a bag of cheerios mixed with pre cooked bacon shaken up. This dog will do anything for a single bacon smelling cheerio. Training them stimulates his mind! Also, theres no reason your jack wouldnt enjoy a spin around the neighborhood. Put on his leash and I would recommend a clete collar(it does not hurt her...i promise) and tie the end of her leash to the wheelchair and take her for a spin. Training is easier if you wear her out physically first. So walk her and do not let her walk in front of you but beside or behind. Pack leader is about how the dog views your energy and dominance and not whether you can chase her down. :) Best of luck!

Jan 27, 2011
11month Jack
by: Lisa

I have a rescue Jack as well. Try getting her/him a Kong toy. I recently bought mine a wobbly Kong, which you fill with her breakfast and a couple of treats and they have to knock it with their nose or feet to get the food out. Perserve with indestructable toys because as she gets older she will not destroy her favourites. Good luck:)

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