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by Susan
(Newcastle NSW Australia)

This may sound selfish and it probably is a year ago my JR x Maltese Angel died of undiagnosed diabetes it was very sudden while i was away she was home with my Dad.. I have one of her daughters who is spayed and my Dad has another daughter from same litter their Father was pure bred JR so both girls look fully JR they will be 10 on the 31st of this month March 2014 and have never been separated....Panda the unspayed one is in season again she is regular as clockwork every 6 months is fit healthy and lean my question is would it be too dangerous to mate her as she has never had a litter...I love my girls I loved angel she was so special and intelligent i would like to mate Panda with a male Malty ..Angel only ever had the one litter she became calcium deficient and was hospitalised so we raised the pups from one week old...
Appreciate answers especially from anyone who has actually had a dog that age who has had puppies...

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Jan 06, 2015
Breeding an older Jack Russell
by: Ryan

Ten years is not too old for a small breed dog such as a Jack Russel to breed as long as the dog is healthy. Particularly if the older dog in question is a female and especially if this would be her first litter, a thorough physical exam should be done before even considering breeding. Carrying puppies can be hard on a dog's body, particularly if the uterus was not stretched out while she was still young and flexible. Keep in mind that if this is a family dog you are talking about, you could be jeopardizing the health of a beloved family member by proceeding with the breeding. Only proceed with the close supervision of your veterinarian.

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