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by Taff
(Birmingham West Midlands . UK)

Good afternoon,
I would appreciate any advice you can give me about managing My Jack Russell’s (Buster) behaviour toward children. He growls and snaps at a child if they attempt to go anywhere near him. Buster was 8 weeks old when I got him from the breeder and he is now 19 months old. We have three grandchildren and at first all was well with them and Buster, now they cannot go near him without him snapping at them. He now behaves like this when out and about when any child is around. This is upsetting for all concerned but I am now worried about their safety. What if anything, can I do to resolve this problem before a child may become seriously hurt. It is now difficult for me to take him near children in order to reassure him that they are not a threat to him. The only way our grand children can visit is if Buster is muzzled or caged.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Taff O'Hara

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