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tail- jack russell terrier chewing tail

by steve
(patchogue ny)

my jack is chewing the hair off his nub tail any info. not fleas as he is on flea meds

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Oct 31, 2011
tail chewing
by: Anonymous

My 10yr old JR did this for 6-7 yrs. Could be anal glands or an allergy. As soon as I switch to orijen senior dog food it stopped all together. It may seem pricey for dog food but for such a small dog it costs less than 70p a day and thats cheaper than tablets from the vets. My other JR is allergic to grains and the vets wanted £90 month to keep him healthy thats why I changed food and he isn't on any drugs and a £58 sack lasts 2 months for the two of them so a big saving. It usually is something as simple as the food. Changing treats aswell to natural wheat/cereal free and no table scraps as anything with flour / bread ie sauces, sausages will cause allergies. I've been an nutritional advisor for over 15 yrs and owned JRs for 26 yrs so hope this helps you.

Oct 24, 2011
by: Robbin's Rescued Russells

I would have him seen by your vet. Many Jacks are allergic to certain ingredients in some dog foods. I believe that allergies to corn are high on the list. Also he may be allergic to the grass he is on.

Also if he isn't getting enough physical exercise and mental stimulation some Jacks exhibit self destructive behaviors such as chewing their tails and licking their feet.

Good luck, I hope when you do find out that it isn't anything serious. Hugs Robbin

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