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Tempermental Jack Russells

by Sherry Dison
(LaGrange Ga )

Why does my JR Growl constantly and chase his tail? I can play ball with him and try to love on him but he still growls and shows his teeth at me and has snapped at me a few times, he has just been diagnosed with Heart worms is this part of it or could it be that his tail was docked to short when he was a puppy?
Thank you ,
Really looking for answers here. and will this ever change?

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Mar 27, 2012
Jack chasing tail
by: Laura

I would talk to your vet. It could be that his tail has some kind of underlying itchiness/allregy that is causing him to chase it.
If your vet clears him of any medical issues with his tail, then it could be obsessive compulsive disorder(depending on how often it happens). For that, you can try distracting your Jack with a toy to try and stop the spinning. If it's really significant spinning sometimes a vet will prescribe medication because many times a dog spins/chases tail because they are anxious about something.
You may want to consult with a pet behaviorist especially because he has been snapping at you. Dog obedience classes may be good for this as well and the side benefit will be the socialization with other dogs.
Good luck!

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