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Tessa Ross

by Tessa Ross
(Ellisras Limpopo SA)

I have a 10 month old jack russel bitch and a 7 jr old bassit bitch. The jack russel grew up with the bassit but since she's been on heat she cant stand the bassit and the fights is very bad. Please help !!!


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Feb 01, 2012
Fighting females
by: Jenna

Some females get along fine and some don't. The ones that don't can be very dangerous if you don't stop the behavior from the start since female fighting is fierce. I would make sure everything you do with them is separate - feeding, eating, sleeping, walking- and that you are established as the pack leader. Do not leave them unsupervised together and also start to get to know their triggers so that you can step in if necessary. If it is in your budget it might be worth it to seek professional help from a pet behavior specialist.

Jan 31, 2012
Fighting Bitches
by: Maureen

Hi, I have 5 JR's (4 females and 1 male), The last JR I got was a female puppy 8 weeks old, she grew up with the rest OK but as she matured about 10 months old she began to fight with one of the other females (6 yrs old). The fights were very serious, I have since speyed the older bitch but it has not improved the relationship between the two, I now have to keep the two seperated at all times for their own safety. I have been told by other JR breeders that keeping 2 of the same sex JR's is not a good idea as they can fight to the death, I did not have a problem between the other 3 females together for years, and the new one gets on OK with the other two. Hope this helps.

Jan 31, 2012
Females fighting
by: Gina

Coming into heat, and being in heat can make a female dog more aggressive and more likely to fight or not get along with another female. However, coming out of heat is not necessarily an indicator that the aggression will stop. Spaying your dog can help (if you choose to go that route, it is definitely recommended). As owner you have to take on the alpha role/pack leader and establish leadership by applying a strict "no fight" policy. You must work hard in keeping the relationship in harmony and discouraging every chance for a fight.
Because the owner is the ultimate pack leader, they may fight over who gets attention first. You must be knowledgeable on which of the two is higher in rank so he can pet/feed/let out the door, etc, first every single time to avoid conflicts.

If there is a fight, separate the two by startling them. This is accomplished by tossing a blanket over them, watering them with a hose or making a sudden loud noise.

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