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The condition of my 12 yo Jack Russell coat

by Jane Agatha
(Tasmania, Australia)

Until about 8 months ago my Jack Russell had a beautiful white coat with tan markings.

I'm not sure what happened. I have wondered whether a certain worm tablet (the big brown ones) disagreed with her, or the Advocate on the back of her neck.

Early this year she had a terrible bout of itchiness and scratched a lot of fur off her lower sides and shoulders. It made her look old.

Her formerly white coat also turned a dull greasy grey.

The new fur grew back white, but the grey remains grey.

Now she keeps scratching herself badly, and has big bare patches on both her upper sides.

She also licks her back toes and has taken all the fur off.

She is now a terrible sight.

I've had her on a good and careful diet for many years (a home made meat loaf of brown rice, carrot, two eggs and lean chicken and turkey mince) which seemed to have agreed with her.

For dinner, I give her a semi grilled drumstick (so the bone doesn't cook) and occasionally a raw lamb bone.

I put fish oil on her breakfast, for her joints and her coat. I also give her small morsels of my own dinner, mostly salmon or lean chicken.

I tried replacing the brown rice with buckwheat and I feel that it helped with the regrowth of her coat.

I shampoo her once a week, alternating with Malaseb and Itchy Dog shampoo.

She lives in a good sized yard for her. It is sunny and well drained with a trimmed lawn and no major weeds, and definitiely no wandering Jew.

Given the sudden deterioration in her coat I'm wondering whether she might be experiencing hormonal problems, or whether she is unwell with cancer. People are just saying she's old.

I worm her and have her vaccinated regularly.

She has a lot of bumps and moles, many more than the vet says she is allowed but then she is twelve.

The vet says her teeth are excellent (for her age), with only a little staining in places. She also has mild gingivitis in places but not bad enough to require a clean.

She is about 14 inches at the shoulder, and chunky. Her ideal weight is around 7.5 kgs. She gets up to around 8. I work to keep it down.

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