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The ever-vigilant Stanley

by Jules
(Kodiak, AK, USA)

Stanley is my heart-strings rescue. They had the needle poised to put him down when I managed to get a 'stay' of execution - I just knew there was a good dog in him!!
He is shown here in this photo being his ever-vigilant self at the living room window. The moment I captured this photo, he was scrutinizing the parade of children walking by after school - making sure they didn't pull any 'funny stuff' on the way home passed our yard. He doesn't bark but just a quick 'alert' bark so I know he is doing his job. Such a sweet boy.

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Aug 09, 2013
Thank you for your comment, Peter
by: Jules

Thank you, Peter, for taking the time to make a comment... our little 'Stan Man' has been such an inspiration to watch his progress blossoming from such a troubled past ;-)

Aug 08, 2013
by: Peter

I definitely believe there is a special place in heaven for dog rescuers! I have a rescue Jack as well. You have such a moving story mine wasn't quite as eventful. Both you and Stanley are so lucky to have each other. I love how Stanley is protecting your yard so fiercely and doesn't forget to let you know it. Absolutely heart warming!

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