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The Jacks are back

by Jenne Tomlinson

HELLO, so I haven't been posting cause I have school work and Jacks. Henry is finally 5 and so is Harley and Kevin our cat! I know you are saying why not Eliot well sadly Eliot has died :( . Eliot died of an infection. We only have 2 jacks now and one cat not much pets now. We'll Henry is still cute as always and his bump still hasn't gone away. Harley is still a pain in the butt by growling. Henry is very protective when eating his bone, we got them bones for Christmas they ate them in 5 seconds. We have upgraded our house and the boys are loving the new upgrade they lay by the new fireplace and warm up and they have a big tree they can pee on it's heaven to them. We still are trying to get a deck but it's hard but I bet they are going to be happy when we get one probably in the summer. They have been really crazy since last summer cause their MASTER has died which is my dad. But they are behaving better cause when they were to crazy or were on the couch THEIR MASTER looked them in the eye and they got off it was like magic. We got them good treats at Food Lion and they are called gooberlicious treats and it has a jackrussell on the front of it! It is made by Bill Jack and they are soft treats for dogs so I hope you try to find them cause my dogs go GAGA over them. They have peanut butter in them but they don't smell like it but awesome for them. I put makeup on them and they don't care that I do that also I paint their nails and they just sit there. My mom can't cut Henry's nails but I can paint them that sounds funny doesn't it but it's true. I give them a goober snack after, for being good.



HENRY- Henry is soo cute I bet you know that already he is five and is short legged. He has problems with his legs and he barks side to side than up like other dogs do. Henry is all white and had brown spots on his eye and his ears and is chubby. I totally think that he is so smart when I play nintendogs on my D.Si he looks at it so close his nose smashes up on the screen. His nose is in the way he can't get any closer. Henry is spoiled he sleeps on my bed and takes all of the cozy hugs. He is loosening weight after eating less when having breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Henry loves watching Call Of Duty Ghosts only cause of the dog Riley.

Harley- Harley growls sooo much and he is a parson jack Russell. He loves jumping up and down when we are about to play ball in the backyard. Harley sleeps with my sister Emily and not In my room. Harley is skinny but has lots or meat and licks his feet ahhhhh we try not to let him do that. He wiggles when he jumps like a worm, we call them pop tart when he jumps. Harley takes naps in the morning so he's hyper at night so it takes forever to get him to sleep. Harley lets me paint his nails sometimes he just sits there when I do his nails. Harley sleeps with his cozy hugs near the fireplace. Harleys ears are triangles so we call them Dorito ears.

Eliot- Eliot was so lazy he was a smooth coat Jack Russell. He kept going under our bed and just sleeping there.when ever we would say "let's go potty" he would tap dance out of the room and go outside. He hated us picking him up he would yelp really loud and bark, Eliot growled at times when Henry and Harley would come into the room. Henry and Harley would never pick on Eliot, but we would always lock Eliot in the room alone in case they picked on Eliot. He was really old he was 16 years old and smiled and his ears were always up. His breath smelled but once I brushed them with just water but his breath was still deadly but his teeth were white.

So that's all I will try to post. But that is the updat on my Jacks I HOPE YOU LIKE THE STORY OR LOVE IT AT LEAST :)

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Jan 26, 2014
Love the update!
by: Diane

Thanks so much for the update, as usual I love it! I'm so sorry to hear about Elliot's passing. Losing a family member is really tough, I know from losing one of our Jacks. But I'm glad to hear that Harley, Henry and Kevin are hanging in there. I will try looking for those new dog treats you recommend, I'm sure my Jacks will love them too!

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