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Thin Jack Russell

by Sarah
(England )

Hi ,
I have a 13.5 year old jack Russell blind with cataracts still chasing cats!! However he has lost a lot of weight over the last year he eats and drinks well but throws up at night regularly. He is generally happy but family and friends have started to ask if he s sick?
Have changed his food to senior dog old with sensitive stomachs and he has 2 small meals a day. Still very thin and being sick but not unhappy and not in pain no obvious lumps or bumps that are visible?
Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance.

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Mar 30, 2013
Thin Jack Russell
by: Sarah

Sounds like your little guy is quite spunky for his age and condition! It does concern me that he has lost some weight. I would check with your vet to make sure there is nothing wrong. At his age it could be just about anything. Is it possible that he is eating too fast? Sometimes that could lead to vomiting. Maybe try giving smaller portions throughout the day. Could it be that the food is not agreeing with him - the food you switched to?
I would definitely try to fatten him up in the meantime. Google "satin balls". They are a protein rich recipe (peanut butter, eggs, and other fun stuff) that help dogs gain weight. You can make gravy or buy pet based gravy from a pet store that you can put over his dry food to add calories.

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