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Thinking about a Jack Russel Terrier

by Sue
(Denmark, Ohio, USA)

Every fall field mice invade my home. I am looking for a good mouser. Should I get a puppy or an adult?

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Oct 30, 2011
JRT and mice
by: Cara

I live on the second floor of a two family home and the people who live below me have mice. I have a JRT and I definitely don't have any mice, I don't know if they stay out b/c of my dog or if I don't have them b/c I am on the second floor.

If I did have mice in my apartment I KNOW my dog would alert me to it. However, I don't know if he would actually kill them.

If you have done your JRT research and are ready to take one on, it helphalp with your mouse problem. Also, a cat would be as (if not more) effective) and would requa lotalot less from you.

Oct 25, 2011
Not sure but.....
by: Georgette Fleet

Hi, Our JRT is only 4 yrs.old and is Constantly looking for mice or rats in our backyard. lol wants to go outside every few min. to look for them at night and barks. Not sure if this helps you but hopefully it does.

Oct 25, 2011
Thinkingn about a Jack Russel Terrier
by: sue

A friend who has been in training classes with her JRT for years with me (I have German Shepherds), has a very nice dog which she does work with regularly.

I know puppies are work, I am guessing they are not that much worse than GSDs, but I can be wrong about that.

GSDs are good at just about everything, but they are useless against mice. I thought I had a good ratter in Arwen as she got one when yet a pup. But proved her utter uselessness one day when I had one cornered. Her daughter Jenna practically laughed at me when I had one cornered and called for her aid in ousting the villain.

Right now is really not a good time for a puppy or an adult though. When it makes sense to get one though, it would definitely be with the intentions of taking him to classes and putting obedience/rally and possibly agility titles on him, and probably considering earthdog trialing if there are any training courses/trials within driving distance.

The question is more whether you should get an adult to ensure that the hunting instinct is there, or is that pretty much a given.

Oct 24, 2011
Please Research the breed
by: Robbin's Rescued Russells

I can sympathise with your mouse problem but this should not be the reason you get a Jack Russell Terrier. Please research the breed and if possible spend time with someone else's JRT. These are GREAT dogs but this IS NOT the breed for everyone. Jacks are barkers, diggers, independent, intelligent, and most of all they are bred to hunt. All the things you would love about a JRT during "Mouse Season" are sometimes enough reasons for many owners to dump these dogs in shelters across the United States.

If you have researched the breed and have other reasons for wanting to get a JRT, my opinion is to rescue an Adult or even what many consider to be a "Senior" (ages 6yrs and up). What many people do not know is that these dogs on average live 16+ years. This breed are often slow to mature and most owners say they really started to become "Great" dogs around the age of 5 - 7 years. Puppies are wonderful and a lot of fun but they also are A LOT of work. And you never can say with 100% accuracy what that pup's personality will be once they become an adult. If you decide to adopt an adult or older dog, that dog is what he is. And if there is something you don't like about the first one you meet, then pass on that one because if you "settle" for something less than what you want you will never be 100% satisfied. And sadly if you pass up that first one, I guarantee you there are hundreds of Jacks in need of a forever loving home.

If you decide to rescue may I suggest you contact Russell Rescue Inc. . This rescue group is active throughout the United States and I'm sure you could find the right JRT for your needs by working with them.

Please update us when you get your new family member. Hugs Robbin

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