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three jack russells fighting over mommy

by Donna Christofferson
(vernon bc canada)

We have three jacks,carmine the two year old seemed to get his nose a little out of joint when Lola came to us.Now if I leave the room for five minutes, he will pee on anyth ing. When I go to town and return, I let him out for a pee and he goes outside,But he will still come back in and pee in my house right in front of me. My husband works overseas so I have a lot of attention to give to all three.If I have to go put laundry on I will tell him , Carmine stay He starts to talk and get winny and when I get back upstairs he has peed.It has also become a constant hump fest with the three of them, I know that is dominance.It is like there is this jealousy for my attention and I treat them all the same. They fight to sit next to me. Vinny is the oldest and closet to my husband, so when daddy goes away he gets very clingy to mommy , which in turn can cause some fighting. It was much different when we only had the Two.Lola the one year old is also very attached to me. help me please!Any suggestions would help!
We love are Jacks, they are family and I would not trade them for a million dollars.I find the problem has also gotten worse since my husband went overseas.When I go out anywhere Carmine will not stop crying until I get home.Vinnie and Lola are graet in there kennals but Carmine has destroyed so many I can't even count. any suggestions?

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Jun 15, 2012
Jacks rule the house!
by: Katie

You have a lot going on at home especially with your husband away! Definitely sounds like there are some jealously/dominance issues going on plus the changes with your husband's work schedule doesn't help either.
I'm wondering if you longer walks and more exercise might help wear them out. Also, maybe hiring a dog walker for a mid day walk. Try leaving each Jack with a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and biscuits to keep them busy when you leave. Changes in routine can have a big effect on dogs so also try to put them on a regimented schedule of walks and when they are fed and then stick to it. I'm wondering if some obedience training for all three will help as well because then you can practice a little each day with them. Don't let them fight for your attention, use obedience to have them sit first and then you can sit. If you are letting them on your furniture, don't! Because that can lead to fights/dominance too. I think you also will need to figure out with is the alpha among the three and then make sure the alpha dog is always fed first, petted first and let out the door first.
It sounds like you have so much love for your Jacks, I know things will get better. And if you feel like things are not improving then you can always hire a pet behaviorist to come and give you some pointers. It doesn't sound like you need that much help but it couldn't hurt to have an outside party give you some feedback to make life a bit easier with the three.

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