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timid little girl

by sarah mathews
(hampton, va)

My mother and father in law just got a new jack Russell puppy, a little girl. They got her from a really sweet couple and we kmow she was never abused. She is extremely timid around men and sometimes even everyone else. She will only let my mother in law pick her up and she runs from.everyone else. Is there anything we can do to break her of this?

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Apr 07, 2013
Timid Jack Russell
by: James

Our Jack was a bit similar. What we did was a lot of socialization. Sometimes dogs who haven't been around other dogs/people all that much or were taken too early from their mothers become a bit anti social towards others. The key is to make all of her experiences with others pleasant as can be and do lots of lots of socialization. Start with obedience/puppy training classes right away. This will get her near other dogs and people but under the watchful eyes of professionals.
Then, when people come into the home make sure that they ignore her until she seems to feel comfortable. And then have some treats for them to give her. This should help build up trust. Also, practicing the obedience drill you learn in class will help build up her confidence.
Hope that helps

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