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Toilet habits

by Muriel

My dear JRT, eight year old Emily came to be part of our household in Spring of this year. We are very aged, my husband and I but love her dearly and she sleeps with us at night. She is a treasure but where she had lived before, she was outdoors with another dog and not housebroken. I started a routine of taking her outdoors an hour after her two meals a day and it worked quite well. The last few nights, I took her for her long walk. We have tons of snow right now in N.W. Vermont but we are on a farm in the country and it is very enjoyable taking her out. She urinates when we go out but the last two nights, I have walked for about 45 minutes with her but no way did she produce #2. She loves to snuffle in the snow so that is not stopping her but she acts as if she is hunting instead of doing her business. I am very active (though old) but there are limits.
Can anyone clue me into what Emily is thinking?

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Feb 19, 2013
Gassy pup
by: Anonymous

My little lady JRT is with us evey second and we love her but when we are estin (she sleeps and rests during the day with us,)she releases a very smelly gas quite often. She is on the advised diet by our vet and is very healthy. Any suggestions out there? Thanks.

Jan 08, 2013
Poop de jour
by: Paddy's mom

Can only wonder if she thinks it isn't good to dirty the snow?
I would feed her before taking her, not an hour after, but , soon, like five minutes after. Don't feed her ALL the time either, just a few times a day, like 3.
Good luck!

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