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Took in a 9yo JR who's owners died....

by Sharon
(Eastern US)

He's a pretty good dog, but I've never had this kind before, so there are things.

1. he chews up any toy I give him (yeah, even a kong), and pops tennis balls in 10 seconds flat. Can that be trained out of him?

2. I'm not sure he's really ever been housetrained. He's been with me almost a month now, and he's only really started asking to go out this week. But if I ask him, he knows what I mean.

3. You've seen the videos of the soldier coming home from deployment and the dog going nuts because he's so happy...mine does this whenever someone gets back from somewhere. He cries and whimpers and holds a toy and wants to be held, but it doesn't seem to comfort him much, it just has to wear off on it's own. He doesn't get anxious when someone leaves, but cries so much when they come home. WHAT I that he's afraid we won't come back either. His previous owners were elderly, she passed last year, and he passed a couple months ago. Someone was taking care of the dog for a month, but didn't want to keep him. I think he's just terrified that we're going to leave and never come back,just like they did, and when we do come home, he's so happy and relieved he cries. But I don't think he can go on like that forever, he needs to learn to be okay with people leaving. So I'm not sure if I should be doing something, or if it's just a time thing.

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