What Makes a Top Jack Russell Terrier Dog?

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What Makes the Top Jack Russell Terrier Dog?

In competitive circles, the Jack Russell is a very popular dog, but what actually makes the top JRT stand out from the rest?

Characteristics of the Top Jack Russell Terrier Dog

Obviously every single dog has its own personality, so it is difficult to say definitively what the perfect characteristics should be in the top JRT. There are a few different guidelines laid down though for people to follow – although they aren’t the most important aspect to any Jack Russell Terrier being shown. In fact, the physical characteristics play a much more important role when dogs are being judged by professionals while participating in competition.

These guidelines state that the JRT should be lively and active, but should also remain fearless, although this fearlessness shouldn’t boil over into aggression. Two of the most undesirable traits are nervousness and cowardice, as these completely go against everything that the Jack Russell Terrier should stand for, especially as it is a dog that was bred for hunting. Most essentially though, the dog should be happy!

Essential Physical Traits

The top JRT should have a number of different physical attributes, and only those that possess all of them will stand any chance of winning the highest honors at any Jack Russell show (it should be noted that the Jack Russell is not recognized by many of the largest dog associations, so shows are limited to purely Jack Russell shows).

Facial features are very important and are one of the main criteria that most judges look at. This starts with the way that the head is formed and the most essential consideration is that the head is in the correct proportion to the body, as well as being balanced properly on both sides. The eyes should be alert and almond shaped, while the ears of the top Jack Russell Terrier dog should be small and “V”shaped, as well as being forward on the head. When it comes to the mouth and teeth, all that the guidelines state is that the teeth should be strong and slightly forward at the top.

The body should also conform to certain rules, with the first being that the chest should be both narrow and shallow, which should convey the appearance of an athletic dog. The back should be straight and strong and should also provide a good balance to the overall look. The coat on the body should be smooth and should be able to provide protection for the dog against different weather conditions.

The final area to consider is the legs – both the hindquarters and the forequarters. The forequarters should have sloping shoulders and should be straight, therefore providing a strong appearance. The hindquarters should be strong and also have obvious muscularity, as well as have good proportions and shape. All four feet should have hard pads and should also be round and neither pointed in or out.

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