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Torn knee ligement

by julie
(Liverpool england)

Had to take poor jake the emergency vet today, he was limping around, and couldnt put his foot down, and looked really distressed. He has a habit of when he comes down the stairs, he jumps from the last 4 for some reason.. so maybe thats the cause.. Vet said take him back in 3 weeks, then if no better he would have to have surgery!! has anyone had this happen to there jack russell?? and vet said they are painfull give him anti inflammatory jab, and medicine pain killers once a day. vet said it takes along time to heal.. please help me has anyone had to let there dog have surgery..


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Jun 15, 2012
Torn knee ligament
by: Elijah

Hi Julia,
It looks like your post got pushed to the bottom. I hope everything is ok with your Jack. The good news is that a torn knee ligament is a fairly common surgery. We had it done on ours and it was very successful and our Jack is back to his happy energetic self. I don't think your Jack's habit of jumping caused the torn knee ligament - it really could be anything that causes it - but I don't think it helps any especially if he ends up getting the surgery. Is there a way to prevent him from jumping? (I know, easier said then done!). Also, our Jack was a little bit overweight and was told that sometimes the torn knee ligaments occur because of that. Not sure about yours but a diet might be something you consider as well.

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