The Many Traits of a Toy Jack Russell Terrier

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Having a toy Jack Russell Terrier is becoming one of the most popular pet choices throughout the world, but what are the physical and mental characteristics of these dogs?

What is a toy JRT?

As the name might suggest, a toy JRT is a form of this breed that is in fact even smaller than the standard – something that stirs mixed feelings in people and has promoted debate throughout the world on whether this is a desirable trait or not! One thing is for certain though – people that own a toy JRT really do fall in love with it for a huge number of different reasons, as every single toy JRT has a personality all of its own!

Although this article just stated that each dog has its own personality, as with every breed of dog there are some attributes that every toy Jack Russell Terrier has. What are these traits though and do these traits make them a suitable pet for anyone to own? Read on to find out…

Physical Traits

The main physical trait of the toy Jack Russell Terrier is obviously its size; a size that makes it perfect for those who even live in the smallest of houses or apartments. For this reason, many people actively seek out a toy Jack Russell Terrier as their new companion, as they are mindful of the fact that they want a very small dog with a massive personality! It must be remembered though that although a toy JRT is a very small dog, they have boundless amounts of energy, therefore meaning that they need to be exercised as much as a considerably larger dog!

The other physical trait that a toy JRT will exhibit is the type of coat that it has, with this coming in two distinct styles – rough coated and smooth coated. Probably the biggest consideration to make when trying to choose between the two is whether you can cope with the amount of hair that a rough coated member of this species will drop. Although both do leave hair lying around, the short coated Jack Russell leaves far less, for obvious reasons.


As already touched on, a toy JRT is a dog with a big personality. In fact, even though they have lost some of their size, they more than make up for this with bravery and stubbornness! The regular Jack Russell is known to be a dog that doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and this seems to have been magnified in the toy version!

One thing to be particularly careful about when it comes to a toy JRT is the way that they interact with children. Although most of a dog’s bad behavior comes from having a bad owner, these dogs are often prone to not taking kindly to children continually harassing them. This means that those with children under the age of six should try to ensure that they think carefully before buying a toy JRT. That being said, the majority of the time these dogs turn out to be wonderful pets for both adults and children!

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