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by tracey
(toronto, canada)

My sister-in-law rescued a 3 year old jrt. We were living with her at the time while our house was being built. and we have 2 lab mixes. Right off the bat the jrt marked any chance she got-urinating over mine immediately, mounting them. Then she started attacking my lab/german shepard mix, who thankfully is a gentle soul.
So, when our house was ready we moved out with our dogs. When my sisterinlaw visited the 1st time with the jrt, it defecated on the door mat, and the second time when she over, it came in and did the same on the dogs bed. Shortly after, it attacked my dog again, this time hurting my dog.
Now my sister-in-law is worried that the jrt has behavioural issues.
Has anyone heard of this type of behaviour, and is it an escalating issue? She is worried if kids come over and are rough housing, will the dog attack?

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Dec 09, 2013
Rescue Jacks
by: Betty

The issue with rescue dogs is that it's hard to know what kind of background they had before you got them. For your sister in law's dog, I'm sure he didn't know the pack order and possibly felt insecure which is why he was marking territory. It is very very common for rescue dogs to have behavior issues for a variety of reasons such as, abuse or never being properly socialized. It can take a rescue dog a long time to adjust to a new home.

A good place for her to start would be obedience training to help instill confidence in her dog (and her of the dog). It is also a good way to socialize a dog under supervision of trained staff. And then plenty of exercise and practicing of the learned skills will help. And after that, if you can afford it, it could never hurt to bring in a trained pet behaviorist to help. But it the end, it comes down to time, patience and practice.

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