My elderly mother decided to have a Jack Russell two year's ago after my father passed away, we always had Jack Russells when we were young and knew how active they were. We could not talk her out of her decision, she struggles to cope, so he lives with us part of the week. We cannot commit to having him full time as we both work and I feel it wrong to leave him for long periods.

For this reason I have never owned a dog myself,however since this little man came into my life, I now know the meaning of true unconditional love!!!

I actually believe I am the love of his life and I am concerned that by having him part of the week maybe confusing him and affecting his behaviour, you can see the look of sadness when I return him to my mother, he knows there will be no long walkies for a few days.

Can anyone help relieve my concerns, I do so worry about him..

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