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Training with treats

by Lilian

I have been training my Jack Russell (one and a half years old now) for about six months. In the initial training - i did not use treats. She learnt but dragged her feet over the basic commands. For the last month, a new trainer suggested treats - this works very well and now she perform all the basic commands excellently - when she knows there's a treat coming. But when i am less consistent or do not show the treat at the start, she does not want to do what she has already mastered.
How do i stop her dependence on treats or toys? She's a fast learner but how do i get her to do what she can, when i want her to? (thinking of training her up for obedience competitions)

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Jun 20, 2012
Keep training for life
by: Anonymous

I agree with the clicker training advice. Also, I was advised that you make the dog wait longer each time before they get the treat, or maybe perform 2 or 3 actions before they get the treat. Eventually they get the idea. Also if the training is fun, and they do seem to find the clicker training fun, eventually they will do it just for fun. Keep going and do a bit each day, vary the treats, sometimes high value treats (like chicken) and sometimes just dried food, and sometimes nothing at all ( after a while) . This way they never really know what will be coming and will do their best in the hope of a high value treat, which they get sometimes. I find that you have to always keep reinforcing the training, and also practcie in different places, so out on a walk as well as at home. Jack Russelss are very intelligent and seemto enjoy the mental stimulation.

Jun 12, 2012
by: Deborah

I would try the clicker training I have heard it really works I have never tried it but I know some people that have tried it and it has done wonders Good Luck I have 2 Jacks both boys Elvis and Patchie they are my world!

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