by Pauline Twms mums

Well Twm is now 2yrs old, Tedi &Tili are 16 months old,The house has never been in such a turmoil, Twm is still my special boy, he has become my untrained service dog,never leaves my side when im ill in bed and watches where the 2 pups are, Tedi has been having small TI'S were he stands rigid and glazed eyes, if he was a child you would class him autistic, a month ago he was taken very ill, He had been poisoned, someone had been cleaning their wooden fence panels with the recommended cleaner, which had came over the fence on to the area they play drench Tedi and the grass ,

After 3 days at the vet, and eating home cooked chicken he was home. We had a party. As time as gone on the three pups have developed their own personalities. Tili is the perfect Princess Mitilda,a proper little girl, lovesto be on your lap loves to be brushed and pampered always has to sit on a cushion, Tedi is a para loves jumping on everything and off everything going through high foliage playing in the garden in the mud . Twm is Lord Thomas, the over seer making sure that they are not getting in to trouble ready to play, and teaching them not to tease the deaf black cat who they live with, the other 3 know to keep out of the way whenever they are in the kissing mood. To add to the family avery old black cat has adopted us will not come inso lives in a dogs kennel outside the dinning window. I have always had sheep dogs . but when we lost the last one and me getting younger, decided to have the JKRs.and never had so much fun and laughter as they like to be clown's when I'm down.Thanks Pups

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Nov 26, 2014
A busy household
by: Betty

It sounds like your pups have brought a lot of life, love and light into your household. Wishing you much continued happiness with them!

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