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Two 8 week puppies

by Rose
(New York)

Hi. We are new to JRT's. I am wondering about the best way to house train them.
We are currently in the midst of a blizzard. The temps are twenty or below. Should
We still take them out for five minutes? We heat with a wood stove and they stay in
70-78 temps in the house. Will the extreme cold outings and warm inside lead
To illness? I am afraid if we don't take them out, they will be trained to go in the house
Only by spring.

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Dec 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comment. It is very encouraging!!!!

Dec 27, 2012
8 week old winter bound
by: Anonymous

Well, the choice will have to be up to you. Paddy goes inside on the piddle pads, I use the bladder control pads for adults, they are better made, larger and just last better.
It sounds like an impossible situation to potty train babies in this kind of weather to me.
If you do paper train them, the worst thing is you can put the paper next to the door, then come spring, when they start to go to the paper, get them out and reward them. They will learn quickly enough to go out. Dogs prefer it.
Just give them a Bil Jac liver treat for little dogs, whenever they go, where you want, and they will do ANYTHING. Consistency is the KEY!!!
Good luck!

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