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Two jack russell peeing/pooing in the house

by Harriett Casserly

Hi there,

i have a mother- Cola who just turn 10years old and son- Bailey who is 6years old jack russell.

Every since Bailey was a puppy- he always had on/off toilet training inside house- quite often he be so good not peeing/pooing inside the house and then he just does little pee and it like a huge cycle over again and again.

Almost every morning my father get up early for work (7am) find a poo or pee in the morning and don't know which one of them is doing it. it does frustrate us.
We are thinking all sort of thing like Is cola getting old and getting weak bladder which i heard its quite common in old age. Or quite often in the winter- it's cold and raining- they are so unbelievably lazy and we have drag them out. we have occasionally caught them and sometime it's cola and sometime it's bailey.

We do clean where they do the same spot, we do get up early for them to get out. they get walk twice a day. They are inside house dogs.. quite often they are sunbathing or sleeping in the house.

The other day- someone pee on the third floor in our house after my mum just been cleaning and making her room massage nice and we knew who was it- Bailey because he does cheekily come upstairs- and cola is quite good staying downstairs.

Sorry for the long message! Please read it! We need help! and i am fed up with mum and dad blaming on my boy Bailey all the time and quite often it is bailey but it is also Cola.

Thank you

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Oct 24, 2013
Jack Russell peeing/pooing in the house
by: Flora

Hi Harriett,
I know you said that someone cleans the mess when one of the Jack's pee/poo in the house - but are you using an enzyme based cleaner? You can get an enzyme based cleaner from a pet store or Amazon. Normal cleaning doesn't take away the "scent" for dogs and an enzyme based cleaner does. Dogs tend to pee in spots that have a familiar scent so it is important to use an enzyme based cleaner. Also, it sounds like both dogs need to be re potty trained. Can you put them on a strict schedule where they go out on a very set schedule. Maybe your dog can take them out when he gets up, then you or your Mom a little bit later and then throughout the day. Another thought is to not let them roam the house, especially at night, confine them to one area that is populated by you or one of your family so that they can't pee/poo without you seeing them and if they do it is in a set area.

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