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Two Puppies?

by Robin

We are getting a JRT female at 12 weeks to replace one we lost last year at 14 years. She will be keeping company with our 13 year old male. We have the opportunity to get the puppy's full sister from the same litter, as well. Would we be crazy to get two puppies, same sex, at the same time? Would love some guidance on this....Thanks!

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Nov 18, 2011
2 Jacks from same litter
by: Patricia

In a nutshell - yes, that would be a bit crazy! It's hard enough walking one Jack Russell let alone 2. Siblings from the same litter and being the same sex could be a very big issue. They may flight a lot if trying to establish dominance. Or if one feels like the other is preferred by the own this could cause issues. Sometimes pups from the same litter have what is called "littermate syndrome" where they bond more with each other then the owner.
If you do decide to get 2 from the same litter I would be very careful about giving each one their own space - separate beds away from one another. Feeding each one in a different area. Have "alone" time with each one. Make sure each one has space to develop their own personality.

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