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Unusual Behavior, Limping

by Nicole

I have an almost 2 year old jack russell. I noticed today that he seems to be favoring his front right leg, but isn't crying. He also hasn't eaten or drank anything today. I have no idea what he could've done to injure himself as I am outside with him every time he goes, and I have not heard him cry at all today, just noticed the limping this morning. Should I be worried?

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Feb 19, 2013
Limping Jack Russell
by: Ben

You may want look for any evident injuries such as cuts, splinters,insect bites, foreign objects stuck between the toes, torn toenails and abnormal swellings. It could be that your Jack has a fracture or sprain. There could have been some kind of jumping accident or whatnot that you may have missed.
If your Jack doesn't start eating/drinking after a day or so, then you should definitely take him in. When dogs stop eating it usually means they are not feeling well.
Hope your guy feels better soon, let us know how he gets on.

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