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urgent advice is required please!

by CIN

My 6 year old female Jack Russel is usually as a very active, happy and smart dog v. She is slightly overweight though, but has been for a few years now. I moved out of home 3 years ago, but I visit regularly.

A baby was born in the family nearly 3 years ago and since then all the attantion has shifted to the baby when she is around- most of the time.

Today she is very quiet, head down, eyes down. refusing to play or approach anyone, except me. However, her feeding and bowel habits are as per usual.

This is very much not like her. She is usually running around the house, playing fetch, jumping on everyone's laps, barking and is very playful.

What could it be?

Thank you

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Sep 25, 2011
by: Helen

It may not hurt to double check with your Vet to make sure everything is ok. It sounds like your Jack may not be getting enough attention at home when you are not there. Does someone give her adequate walks and exercise? I'm sure the baby in the house takes a lot of time and energy....but I hope your Jack gets a little loving too!

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