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urinate our home

by Gal

our Jack russell urinate our home, he is 6 Y old

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Jun 13, 2011
Jack Russell urinating in home
by: Anonymous

Hi Gal,
You didn't specify details about the nature of what exactly is happening when your JRT is urinating in your home. Prior to instituting any training tips, the first thing you need to do is visit your vet, especially if your dog has been housebroken for awhile. Various medical issues could be responsible for his current behavior and so you need to investigate this before taking any further action.

In young Jack Russell Terriers, urinating in the house, means they haven't been sufficiently housebroken. They may often urinate to show excitement or submission toward other people or animals. Look around the website for tips on housebreaking!

Unneutered, male JRTs may urinate in order to mark their territory. They may be easily triggered by external stimuli into urinating around the house to show ownership. Neutering male JRTs will drastically reduce this behavior.
Reducing external stimuli (i.e. close blinds so they can't see strangers walking by) and offering positive reinforcement for urinating outside can also help.

Separation anxiety can be an underlying cause of urination. Dogs that are highly bonded with their owners may become upset when they leave the house. Separation anxiety can be addressed by many methodsd including giving them a comfort item in your absence, getting them used to your exit routine, leaving the tv on for them, giving them diversions such as treats or food toys, etc.

The Jack Russell Team

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