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Very demanding little guy Milo is

Milo has now got to the point of trying to talk to me, his way of getting my attention. This happens more so when he see's a cup in front of me. He is a lover of anything in a cup that you are drinking.

Should he have a little coffee, hot chocolate etc. Personally I don't think so but at the same time, he can be very dominant and insistent, so what do I do, GIVE IN.

How can I stop this behaviour that he has recently acquired? If I say "no" he will go away only to return within minutes. Animals are very smart. He knows in the end he's the winner. Once he's had what little bit he wants, away he goes. If this is not acceptable or bad for his system please tell me what to do when he does this. I am certain there are others out there who have the same problem.

When eating meals he knows his boundary, he isn't allowed in the kitchen. However, coffee time in the morning is when he is most rambunctious. What can I do to stop this if it is against him and his digestive system? Help!!

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Feb 24, 2010
Dealing with begging behavior in Jack Russells
by: Tom

Hi there,

Unfortunately giving in to this behavior is about the worst thing you can do. From now on, NEVER give Milo anything for begging. By giving in and given him what he wants, you're reinforcing the behavior and actually making it worse. Milo knows now that all he has to do is whine for long enough and you will eventually give in and give him what he wants.

Do you see how he has taken control of the situation? He knows he can control the resources (ie. your coffee, hot chocolate, etc.), so he will start to view himself and being higher in the pack hierarchy than you. And that means his behavior will only get worse.

You need to take back control. From now on, you and everyone in your household must ignore Milo completely whenever he begs for something, whether it's food or attention. It doesn't matter if he whines for half an hour - ignore him. As soon as he starts to realize that the behavior won't be rewarded, he will stop.

Jacks aren't silly - they only do whatever gets the result they desire. You have to use that natural cleverness to your advantage. Set up a training routine so that good behavior on his part is in both your best interests. I've just put together a 7 day course that shows you how to do this: you can sign up by clicking here. It should help you out.

Best of luck,

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